Going Dark

Despite a build-up of posts that I have promised and have yet to deliver, I will be going dark for a few weeks on this site. I’ve been writing up a storm this season, and have not really had all that much time to think! After Lakeside, Tommy and I decided (actually, he decided and I just listened) that going dark for a little while was a good idea. I’ll be doing no structured training for the next little while, and as such I likely won’t be doing much structured writing either. Time for some much needed time to recharge and take care of some things I neglected all summer.

First to come will be a 2014 Season in Review post, likely after Tommy and I have had a chance to talk and define a focus for 2015. I received a new pair of Skechers to go with the pair of flats I raced Lakeside in, and I would like to do a review on those this fall. Of course, I’ll need to log some miles in them to do that! And I haven’t forgot about my recovery series. I kept putting it off because I kept learning lessons as the latter portion of my season went on. This downtime will allow me to do some research as well, and present a comprehensive and informed series.

In the meantime, I will be keeping myself occupied adjusting to a new work schedule (boo) and building myself a new-to-me road bike (yay!). Last week I said goodbye to my faithful Kona Jake the Snake cyclocross bike, which despite being awesome, I did not ride nearly enough. I have always wanted to learn the inner workings of the tool that I spend so much time on (the bicycle), and what better way of doing so than building a road bike up? I sourced a snazzy Klein Q Carbon Team road frame from Pinkbike, and received a new 11 speed Shimano 105 5800 groupset just yesterday. I’m still waiting for a few tools and an 11 speed upgrade kit for my Williams S30 wheels before I can get started! You can follow my slow and halting progress on Twitter, by following the hashtag #jbsfirstbikebuild.

Until next time, keep Du’ing it!


Well on my way to a wicked road bike! And the best part is…it will be 100% mine!

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